Saturday, December 31, 2016

Welcome to the discussion forum for NDPSS

Welcome! This is the discussion forum for Dan Little's New Directions in the Philosophy of Social Science. This book started as an open source blog at Understanding Society, and this forum is intended to allow the discussion to continue.

You can leave comments on individual chapters through the comment function.

If you would like to provide a more extensive  discussion or review, please submit it to me at, and I will consider posting it as a separate post. Criticisms are welcome!

And if you would like to initiate a new thread, feel free to do so by submitting the text that describes the issue you'd like to ask readers to comment about; I will post it as well.

There are very difficult and important issues in the philosophy of the social sciences, and they matter. It would be great to make further progress on some of these issues through an extended discussion with readers around the world.

Here is a free sample of the book:

Sample of New Directions

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